Monday, 24 October 2011

The Nap

I'm in the most beautiful place. Half awake, half asleep. It's a state unlike any other. There is a brief flutter of awareness. I hear my daughter's bare feet drumming on the wooden floorboards. I know the sound of her footsteps. Similarly, I know my husbands heavier, slower tread. She's clearly fine, chatting with her dollies in the next door bedroom. I drift in and out of my blissful state. Sooner or later I'll have to get up, but for now I can just lie. A cup of tea would be nice...

There is something so fabulously decadent about an afternoon nap. I'm is always inclined to feel a little guilty at taking such a liberty in the middle of the day, but through practice and perseverance I'm managing to overcome the guilt.

My husband, being a dairy farmer is used to getting up in the dark. His day usually begins at 5.00 am. By the time it's lunch, he's worked 8 hrs. For him a nap is a necessity if he's going to be able to function efficiently for the rest of the day. I on the other hand have no such excuse. I nap because I can.

We have a king sized, extra long, double bed, and I have to say there is no bed in the world more comfortable. It's not simply the comfort, it's the feeling of being in my own space. A safe place, where no one can intrude. A place where I can let it all hang out. A place to cherish, and be cherished.

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