Friday, 18 November 2011

Dancing in the moonlight

It's been a good day at Langbaken. According to the wise King Solomon, there is nothing better under the sun, than for man to eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labour. (Eccl 2;24) It is the gift of God.(Eccl 3;13)
We are relaxing in the satisfaction that our busy day has been fruitful. It's yet another beautiful evening and we're enjoying our customary sundowner on the front lawn. We're celebrating life. The doors and windows of the house are open in order for us to hear the music better. Albert Hammond is belting out, "Hang on to your hat! New York city here I come."
 Anna is dancing on the roof of the bakkie, and every time she hears the chorus she slides down the windscreen ,singing along, "Whee-ee-ee! New York city here I come!" For a moment I consider joining her, then I realise I'll probably dent the roof of the bakkie. Instead I hop on the bench. I dance like there's no one watching. Thank goodness there isn't.
Jack  puts down his G 'n T. He lift's Anna off the bonnet, and waltzes her around the lawn. She screeches with delight, calling for me to join them. We form a huddle as we sway around the garden together in time to the music. What a party we're having...Just the three of us.

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